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For general inquiries regarding your personal property assessment returns, please email us at or call 304-291-7222, then press 1. Due to high call volume, we may not be able to return your call right away. Please try emailing first, visit us in-person, or wait and call again later. We look forward to helping you and thank you for your patience. For more details, please visit the Personal Property section linked above or here.

For questions about paying real estate and personal property taxes, please visit the Monongalia County Sheriff's Office Tax Department, or call 304-291-7244.

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  1. The Appraisal Unit's field deputies have finished conducting parcel reviews for TY 2024 in the county districts listed below. Commercial staff will continue to assess any ongoing new construction across all districts. All staff will have proper clothing identifying the office in addition to staff ID tags and marked vehicles. For any questions regarding staff performing field duties, call 304-291-7222 then press 3 for the Appraisal Unit. Districts in bold are currently being assessed.


    • First Ward
    • Second Ward
    • Sixth Ward
    • Seventh Ward
    • Star City
    • Union


    • Morgan
    • First Ward
    • Second Ward
    • Seventh Ward